Principles and Deceptions, Solo show at the Or Gallery, Vancouver, Opens 23 February 2018

Comissioned new performance for Whitsable Biennale, June 2018

 Residency: IASPIS, Stockholm, Aug- Fall 2018.



Exhibition: Now it is permitted, The Swedenborg Society, other artists include Jeremy Deller, Cornelia Parker, Marina Warner, Michael Landy, October 2016, London.

Exhibition: Breather, Laura Bartlett Gallery, group exhibition with Brie Ruias, Alex Olson, Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, November 2016, London.

Exhibition: No Fun without EU: Artists in Common, a one-day event on 25 September 2016, Vyner St, London. The exhibition included performances, readings, placards, posters and bands. 

Exhibition: Solo project at Filet, Murray Grove, London, May 2016.

Publication: The Copyists, artist bookwork published with Everyday Press, to be launched at Offprint, Tate Modern 20-22 May 2016.

Publication: The Overcoat, solo commission by Four Corners Books for their Artist Familiar Series. Launched April 2015. Now available. (Review in PhotoMonitor April 2016, Review in Pylot Magazine 2016)