Hidden in Plain Sight

SARAH DOBAI, Hidden in Plain Sight Still 1

Hidden in Plain Sight Still 1

 HD Video  14’45”       

Film work originally designed to be accompanied by a live voiceover read by an actor. The film is based closely on Robert Bresson’s celebrated film Pickpocket (1959). For the film I worked with actors to re-enact selected scenes from Pickpocket where the protagonists are rehearsing and performing the acts of theft. An introduction read by myself before the start of the work situates the film in relation to my recent publication The Overcoat and the routine use of sleight of hand by the finance industries. PLEASE NOTE: As the film was first shown in France, the film viewable here and on Vimeo has the voiced text in French with English subtitles.  

EXHIBITION; Commissioned by Catsou Roberts for L’ete Photographique de Lectoure, Toulouse, France. To be staged again at The Photographer’s Gallery, London 29 October 2015 and at Deptford X Visual Arts Festival 26 September 2015.